18 October 2007

Book Review: "Loop-d-Loop Crochet" by Teva Durham

It made my day when this book arrived by inter-library loan this morning. Isn't the cover beautiful? The photography inside is beautiful too.

Only, on the whole, the patterns in this book remind me of a saying I heard sometime, somewhere: 'if it looks good on the shelf, then perhaps you should leave it there.'

Durham's introduction, about playfully plundering the past for elements of design from our grandmother's generation, is a nice read. But most of the patterns strike me as things I wouldn't bother making because I wouldn't wear them in real life. The wrap skirt seems to hang sloppily; the track stitch tunic looks like it would cause body-temperature confusion (not warm enough for a jersey; too warm to fulfil its breezy pretensions); the stunning knotwork socks would etch and itch into the soles of the feet; I think I'd look like an injured bat in the catherine wheel cape.

I like the furry zigzag blouse and filet orchid boatneck (though would be tempted to alter the latter to give it a more defined shape).

Otherwise, these whimsical but somehow implausible creations seem more like wearable art than wearable crochet.

(apropos!: http://www.worldofwearableart.com/)

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