15 November 2007

Sea jewellery (crocheted and otherwise)

This is a brooch by Annamaria Zanella which I found on the Cally Creates blog. It is not exactly crochet but it is loopy and the barnacle-like appearance (though it also has an air of cupcakehood about it) reminds me of some of the loveliest crochet I have ever seen:

Isn't this so pretty? A necklace of crocheted coral! You can even buy the pattern for it, to make your own, on etsy:

Or you can just guess, like the Loop Troopers plan to do. We will show you our crocheted coral when we've made some.

And on the sea theme, and almost on the jewellery theme, how about this for lovely marketing by marketing people of some handles made by Simon, who is a jeweller, but also very close to us crocheters (artistically and personally):

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Suse said...

Do you read the blog 'gooseflesh'? Truly amazing crocheted coral and other marine scenes.

ps. thanks for the link to me on your sidebar!