16 October 2007

Brand New

Welcome to the blog of the loop troop crochet club. Hopefully we'll have some pictures of our projects to share with you soon!


Gabor said...

Am I glad to hear from you Erin!!!
Talked about You recently with a lady from N.Z. her name is Robin Anderson.
She is both cool and interesting (if that's possible)
Anyway drop her an email:
tell her Gabor sent You!
I'll send you a picture of one my artworks that includes a crochet piece that my Mother made maybe 70 years ago! Take care....Hugs Gabor and Csopi

Trooper said...

Dear Gabor and Csopi,
Yay nice to hear from you!
Cool and interesting is definitely possible, though i think nice and interesting is better.
Can you send some photos of things you are working on?
x e